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And so It begins...!

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Hello there!

Elf reporting to all our beautiful audience in what it is the first official post for the Village!!! Yay!!! (insert elf dancing emoji here!)

I am not a writer elf whatsoever... but... I want to tell you a little bit about the backstage!.. Just bear with me!

This week was a very exciting one for all of the elves at Santa's Village!

Friday, the huts were moved and placed at the lot that becomes the most wonderful and magic place in Red Bud for the Holidays Season and also the beautiful tree finally arrived!!!

Oh guys, if you could see how much joy we all feel putting together the Village!

This is our 3rd year and It doesn't change the excitement and what to say about the support from our community!!! Everyone want to help! And we are so so so thankful!!!

It is also a little different this year since one of the elves is now on heaven. Yes, we are sad because we miss him! But, hey! He is helping up there too! Of course!!! He worked out the magic! We've got the most beautiful weather for the setting up days!!!

Thank You Elf Tom! We appreciate your help as always! You were one of the type of elves that won't wear the elf attire... Lol! never liked that part! but.. man! you worked hard in all the details with so much joy and love! We are celebrating you in each of the wonderful additions to the Village for this year, as we know that would make you happy!

Setting up the Village is the beginning of the fun!

And we need to say Thank you to these wonderful helpers that do all the work with a smile on their faces!

Brian Guebert, Curt Guebert, Nick Guebert, Tim Deterding, Bob Schoemaker, Paul Mollet, Fred Salger, Denny Jenkins, John Schulte, Collin Diewald, Jeff Koester, Sharon Koester, Matt Mollet, Freddy, Josh Johnson and the City of Red Bud.

Once again... THANK YOU!!! from the bottom of our hearts!

We appreciate all your hard work!

Ok... I have to come back to elf duty, you know there is always something to do!

I hope you follow us and come to see us!

Love and Peace!

This one is for you Elf T! Love you!

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